Welcome to The 18th Key, a blog site of 17Keys Clarinet Restoration and Repair


If you have visited my 17Keys site before, you might have found yourself trying to get into my forum called The Playground.  Originally last year when I put the site together my intention was to create such a forum for exchange of ideas, thoughts and Q&A’s on clarinets.  Unfortunately, due to time limitations with maintaining such a forum, this did not get off the ground.

The 18th Key, I believe, will provide a much better way of communicating with other vintage clarinet enthusiast.  At this point, I have catagorized the blog into three sections:


On the Bench:  I will be discussing the clarinet I am currently working on and any interesting findings about it. 


General Notes and Info: This section will be used for general information on clarinets, clarinet restoration and clarinet repair. 


Questions and Answers: Here I will be answering some of the questions that have been emailed to me regarding clarinets.  I am hoping to eventually open this section up for others to provide feedback.


Well, I guess that is about it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will find the information on this blog useful.   I am sure, as a father of two children, you may even find some of it entertaining!