Clarinets For Sale

"All of our clarinets have been completely restored utilizing the best springs and pads available.  Each instrument comes with a Certificate of Restoration and our quality assurance checklist."

Our Current Inventory

Below are the vintage clarinets we currently have in stock. To view more on a specific instrument, click on the item number. If the link to the item number is not available, the instrument is currently on our bench undergoing our restoration process.  If you have any questions, or would like to know the status of one of the clarinets below, please feel free to contact us at  Thank you for looking. 

Manufacturer Model Serial
Year Condition More
Selmer Brevette S.C.D.G. 4986 Approx. 1929 TBD Item #1717
LeBlanc D. Noblet 256C 1940's (?) HOLD Item #1718
LeBlanc Normandy 7 56230 Early 1970's SOLD Item #1719
Leblanc Normandy 4 58936 Late 1960's SOLD Item #1720
Evette Sponsored By Buffet Coming Soon Coming Soon TBD Item #1721
LeBlanc Noblet     TBD Item #1722