Restoration & Repair Process

"Our mission is to restore vintage clarinets to professional performance quality.  Each instrument is treated with the expectation that it will be used in performing the most demanding repertoire by the most accomplished artists."

Our Services

Models of Instruments we restore

The majority of our work is specific to French made pre-professional to professional level clarinets.  We do however restore older intermediate level as well as other European made clarinets, depending on the manufacturer and serial number. 

All of our restorations are on wood clarinets only, manufactured before 1980.  We do not restore metal, plastic, resonate or synthetic made instruments.  We primarily restore Boehm style key work systems; however, on occasion we may have some Albert systems available. 

 The list below represents the model criteria for our restorations: 

  • All Buffet Crampon
  • Evette & Schaeffer (including Master Model)
  • Selmer (Paris)
  • Leblanc (Paris)
  • Noblet (Lablanc)

Other models may include:

  • Alexandre Clarinets
  • Selmer (USA) Soloist
  • Normandy (pre-1978)
  • Boosey & Hawkes (London)
  • Various stencils depending on history

Restoration Process

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Once the instrument has been certified on all phases of our restoration process, we make it available for sale on our website.  All restored clarinets come with an official Certificate of Restoration and our custom quality assurance checklist.  While your clarinet waits for its new home, it continue to be played and refined.  This is our way of making sure that you don't receive an instrument that has been sitting on a shelf for months untouched. 

To view our current inventory click on "Clarinets For Sale" link.

Restoration Services

17Keys offers restoration services for individuals that may have a vintage wood clarinet that they would like to have restored.  These services include the same processes used on all of our clarinets. For more information on these services please contact us at to arrange for a personal consultation.